ROBOT SPIRITS Gundam Ground Type ver. A.N.I.M.E. Figure Announced

RX-79 [G] Gundam Ground Type is the latest to join the Tamashii Nations brand ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> ver. A.N.I.M.E line of high end Gundam action figures. The “ver. A.N.I.M.E.”(Action New Imagination Memory Emotion) series features dynamic anime proportions and dense sculpting, as well as a state-of-the-art articulation system that allows fans to recreate the impressive action scenes from the figures’ respective anime works.

Prominently featured in 1996-1999 Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, the Gundam Ground Type is a limited produced ground-use mobile suit deployed to the 04th, 06th, and 08th MS Teams of the Far Eastern Front Mechanized Composite Battalion, commonly known as the Kojima Battalion, developed using surplus parts from the RX-78. The unit was designed by the prolific original Gundam mechanical designer, Kunio Okawara.

The figure will include:

  • 4 types of additional hands (left and right)
  • Hand storage deck
  • Weapon Container
  • 100mm machine gun
  • 180mm cannon
  • Short shield
  • A set of various effects
  • Customized stickers

The ROBOT Damashii <SIDE MS > RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Type ver. A.N.I.M.E. is priced at 6,600 yen with a December 2021 release date.

Tamashii Nations is also releasing a Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team Option Parts Set, which is a collection of additional equipment and effect parts that can be used with the aforementioned Gundam Ground Type figure. The set is priced at 3,850 yen with a January 2022 release date.

The set will include:

  • Rocket launcher
  • Missile launcher
  • Two rocket launcher firing effects
  • Two types of missile launcher firing effects
  • Missile launcher smoke exhaust effect
  • Two types of 180mm cannon firing effects
  • 180mm cannon recoil smoke
  • Shield fixed in rock parts
  • Additional shield parts
  • Damaged shoulder parts for Zaku
  • Rocket launcher mount joint

Source: Tamashii Nations (1), (2)

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