New High Grade Gundam Rose Model Kit Releasing February 2023

Bandai Namco’s hobby business subsidiary Bandai Spirits, has announced the Premium Bandai release for the Gundam Rose appearing in the High Grade Future Century line of Gundam model kits.

Gundam Rose controlling its Rose Bits in Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Designed by legendary mechanical designer Kunio Okawara, the GF13-009NF Gundam Rose is the mobile fighter representing Neo France in the 13th Gundam Fight, piloted by George de Sand in the 1994 Mobile Fighter G Gundam series.

Key Visual

Mobile Fighter G Gundam series depicts the first major Gundam entry not set within the franchise’s long running Universal Century timeline. Garnering a reputation for making series move in unexpected directions from Mister Ajikko and Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still, Yasuhiro Imagawa directed the series with Fuyunori Gobu, of Armored Trooper Votoms fame, on series composition.

Mangaka Kazuhiko Shimamoto(Blazing Transfer Student, Blue Blazes) was tapped for character design drafts for the series by producer Masahiko Minami, who had been a friend and classmate to Shimamoto at Osaka University of Arts. The final character designs are handled by Hiroshi Osaka(The Vision of Escaflowne) coming off Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. The mechanical design team included Hajime Katoki, Kimitoshi Yamane, and veteran Kunio Okawara.


Set within the Future Century timeline, to escape the war weary Earth, the world’s nations migrated into outer space to establish space colonies. To maintain peace between these new colony nations, they compete in a massive fighting tournament with a representative Gundam and pilot, the victor nation is then allowed to govern space and the other colonies. The series follows Neo Japan representative Domon Kasshu, a hot-blooded, reluctant participant in the 13th Gundam Fight, searching for his brother Kyoji Kasshu, who has seemingly betrayed his family and nation.


Gundam Rose‘s appearance of a chivalrous French knight is faithfully reproduced from the head to the legs and armaments. The cape-like shield has a deployment gimmick, and the core lander can be separated and combined with the main body.


  • Chevalier Saber
  • Core Lander
  • Action base
  • Rose bits
  • Set of effect parts for Rose bits
  • Set of effect parts for cape-like shield

The HGFC 1/144 Gundam Rose is priced at 2,915 yen with a February 2023 release date through Premium Bandai.

Source: Premium Bandai

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  1. Mori
    November 22, 2022

    Wait, is this real? That logo says HG After Colony, not Future Century.

    • November 22, 2022

      All images were directly from the Premium Bandai website, it appears to have been an oversight on their part. They’ve corrected it recently.

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