New ROBOT Spirits(Ka Signature) Xi Gundam Figure Releasing in December

Bandai Spirits figure brand Tamashii Nations have announced the release of a new version of their ROBOT SPIRITS (Ka Signature) <Side MS> Xi Gundam. Labeled “Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash ver.,” the new Xi Gundam figure is based on the re-designed anime film version and will utilize a new transformation mechanism.

(Ka Signature) is a sub line of ROBOT Spirits figures that have been designed under the supervision of renowned mechanical designer Hajime Katoki.

RX-105 Xi Gundam in the film, Sunrise

Originally designed by mechanical designer Yasuhiro Moriki for the Hathaway’s Flash novel series, the RX-105 Xi Gundam was developed by Anaheim Electronics containing a Minovsky craft system giving it advanced flight capabilities to maneuver freely under gravity. Xi Gundam is piloted by protagonist Hathaway Noa aka Mafty Navue Erin in the Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway’s Flash film trilogy. The mobile suit was redesigned by Hajime Katoki for the anime film adaptation.

Key Visual illustrated by Naoyuki Onda

First in a trilogy of anime films helmed by director Shukou Murase, Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash or Hathaway is the official sequel to the 1988 Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack movie. The project was announced in November 2018 to celebrate the Gundam 40th anniversary, adapting the Yoshiyuki Tomino-penned novel series of the same name. The novels were originally released from 1989 to 1990, as a follow-up to Tomino’s Char’s Counterattack: Beltorchika’s Children novel.

Ergo Proxy and Genocidal Organ’s Shukou Murase is directing the film project, with scripts by Yasuyuki Mutou. Pablo Uchida, Naoyuki Onda, and Shigeki Kuhara are the character designers for the films, with Onda also serving as the chief animation director. Hiroyuki Sawano returned from Mobile Suit Gundam entries Unicorn and Narrative as music composer, and rock-band [Alexandros] performed its theme song “Senkou”. The films’ mechanical design team consists of Hajime Katoki, Kimitoshi Yamane, Nobuhiko Genba, and Seiichi Nakatani.

Opening to Japanese theaters June 11, 2021, Hathaway’s Flash is the third highest performing Gundam film earning 2.23 billion yen. As of June 2021, producer Naohiro Ogata confirmed the second installment was in production, tentatively titled, Sun of Bright.


The year is U.C. 0105. Twelve years have passed since the end of the second Neo Zeon War (Char’s Rebellion). Even after “the Axis Shock,” which seemed to indicate the future of humanity and the Universal Century, the world is still in a chaotic situation where intermittent military conflicts continue to break out. The Earth Federation government is more corrupt than ever, and its leadership has not only accelerated Earth’s pollution, but also implemented an inhuman “Man Hunting” policy in which civilians are forcibly exiled to outer space.

The anti-Federation government organization “Mafty,” led by someone called “Mafty Navue Erin,” has taken a stand against the corruption of the Earth Sphere. Mafty carries out fierce acts of terrorism, assassinating high officials of the Federation government one after another, but it gains a certain level of support from the populace who are growing more opposed to the Federation government.

The person who calls himself “Mafty” and leads this organization is Hathaway Noa, the son of Bright Noa, an officer of the Earth Federation Forces who once participated in the One Year War. Hathaway himself joined the forces trying to stop Char’s Rebellion. With firsthand knowledge of the ideals and ideologies of Amuro Ray and Char Aznable, he has become a warrior following in their footsteps, and plans to clear a path forward through armed resistance. His destiny, however, is drastically altered as he encounters the Federation Forces officer Kenneth Sleg and a mysterious young beauty named Gigi Andalucia.

Supervised by Hajime Katoki, the Xi Gundam figure faithfully reproduces the appearance and coloring from the film. It can also transform into its characteristic Flight Form without parts replacement.


  • Approximately 190 mm
  • Made of ABS and PVC


  • Interchangeable hand parts (3 pairs each)
  • Beam saber handles x2
  • Beam saber effect parts (3 types x2)
  • FF unit joint parts set
  • Beam rifle
  • Shield
  • Replacement E-packs x2
  • Display base

The ROBOT Spirits(Ka Signature) <SIDE MS> RX-105 Xi Gundam is priced at 33,000 yen with a December 2024 release date through Premium Bandai.

Source: Premium Bandai

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