Gundam Reconguista in G II Blu-ray/DVD Release Delayed Indefinitely Due to Coronavirus

Updated: 4/13/2020 12:44AM CDT
Bandai Namco Arts
, the anime/music production and distribution subsidiary of Bandai Namco Group, has recently announced the Blu-ray/DVD release of Gundam Reconguista in G II: Bellri’s Fierce Charge will be delayed indefinitely. Initially the film was set to release on March 27, then received a prior delay for May 27. A specific reasoning was not given for the previous delay, but now emergency concerns over coronavirus(COVID-19) was stated as the cause. The Mobile Suit Gundam Cinema Concert Blu-ray release is also included in this indefinite delay.

The Gundam Reconguista in G II: Bellri’s Fierce Charge Blu-ray Perfect Pack Edition includes a storage box featuring art by animation director Ikuro Kuwana and inner jacket art by mechanical designer Ippei Gyobu. The set also includes a 16 page booklet in Japanese and English, mecha description guide, storyboard vol. 2 book, and 2 books of dubbing scripts vol. 2. Anime retailer RightStuf Anime is releasing the Blu-ray Perfect Pack Edition for $110.99. 

Directed and scripted by Yoshiyuki Tomino, Gundam Reconguista in G II: Bellri’s Fierce Charge is the second entry in Tomino’s film recompilation pentalogy for the 2014 Gundam Reconguista in G series. The film released to Japanese theaters on February 21, 2020 and Pop duo DREAMS COME TRUE performed its theme song “G”. 

The film’s plot is described as :
“In an attempt to rescue Bellri and the others, Dellensen launches an attack on the pirate corps’s Megafauna. Bellri, forced into space combat in Earth orbit, fails to realize he is facing his former instructor and shoots him down with the G-Self. Meanwhile, the Capital Army demands the return of the G-Self and Raraiya Monday, and deploys first the Mask team’s Elf Bullocks and then Becker’s Wuxia team. Behind the scenes, a crisis is developing which will drive them all to violate the taboos of SU-Cordism–the existence of a threat from space.”

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