Gundam Guys Generation Kamille Bidan Releasing This October

Toy/figure company MegaHouse has released new product information and official images of the latest addition to their high end Gundam figure line, Gundam Guys Generation, Kamille Bidan, the protagonist of the 1985 Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam series.

Set in UC 0087, the Zeta Gundam series takes place eight years after the original Mobile Suit Gundam. The series shifts focus to Kamille Bidan, a civilian with a deep hatred for the Titans, the tyrannical autonomous force of the Earth Federation. Drama ensues as Kamille joins the AEUG, the resistance organization combatting the Titans.

The figure stands approximately 19cm in height, wearing a pre-painted white normal suit. The head can also be replaced with additional head parts. The pose of him holding a gun while equipped with a Landmover was inspired by the final episode of the series, “Riders in the Skies”.

The figure is priced at 14,850 yen with a late October 2021 release date. Anime publisher and retailer RightStuf is releasing the figure for 155.99 USD a month later on November 30.

Source: Mega House

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