Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Eclipse Released as a Motion Comic

Announced in May 2021, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ECLIPSE is one of many projects celebrating the 20th anniversary of the popular Mobile Suit Gundam SEED series, dubbed GUNDAM SEED PROJECT ignited. The project includes a special video by director Mitsuo Fukuda for the life-size Freedom Gundam statue in Shanghai, a new video game in development, and an anime theatrical film sequel to the SEED TV anime series.

Planned and produced by Sunrise, SEED ECLIPSE is an official manga spinoff to the Gundam SEED MSV series. The manga is written by SOW and illustrated by Atsushi Soga, with character design by Kogado Studio and mechanical designs by Junichi Akutsu.

Along with its serialization in the monthly Gundam Ace publication, Gundam Info, the official Gundam YouTube channel for international audiences, has released Episode 1, Act 1 of the SEED ECLIPSE manga as a motion comic in English, Korean, and Chinese(Taiwan, Hong Kong, Simplified). Gundam Info has stated the next release will be August 9, 2021.

Story: C.E (Cosmic Era) 72…
A period of time that would later be known as the “Two Blank Years”. Some call it “the time of peace on thin ice”, others “the break time for the next madness”. This is a story of the in-between.
In the space between the two wars, this is the story of those who risked their lives for the hollow unit named ODR(Orb Disaster Relief Team), an international organization with a wide range of missions including medical care, education, technological exchange, and international goodwill.


Tatsumi Hori: 17 years old, male. MS pilot for the ODR. Being born a Natural, his physical ability, intelligence, and other qualities are average, but for some reason, he has a talent that surpasses that of a Coordinator when it comes to piloting the Eclipse.

Miyabi Oto Kio: 19 years old, female. Commander for the ODR. She possesses a high level of ability as a Coordinator, but her complicated upbringing has made her feel pessimistic about the current social situation. Although she grew up in a wealthy family, she is a free thinker and an achiever.

Ken Noland Suse: 18 years old, male. Another pilot and coordinator of the ODR.
He has shown a high level of ability in all aspects of his life, including his overall intelligence, physical ability, and MS piloting. He has resigned himself to the fact that there is a war between Naturals and Coordinators.

The MVF-X08 Eclipse Gundam is the titular mobile suit for the upcoming manga series. A custom mobile suit secretly developed in Orb.
Its greatest feature is its ability to transform from flight form to MS form. It is also equipped with a “Mirage Colloid” function. It specializes in the covert operations for the ODR. 

Accompanying the SEED ECLIPSE manga series is a new line of Master Grade Gundam model kits, beginning with the MG 1/100 Eclipse Gundam, priced at 5,500 yen with an August 2021 release date. A following MG 1/100 Eclipse Gundam Maneuver Striker Pack will be released November 2021 for 3,300 yen from Premium Bandai.

Source: Gundam Info

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