Legendary Gundam Actor Toru Furuya Admits to Abusing Fan in 4-Year Affair

In a shocking interview with Weekly Bunshun, iconic anime voice actor Toru Furuya admitted to a four-year affair with a fan.

Furuya admitted that he had been in a relationship with a female fan for four and a half years until last September. He stated that he had been attracted to a fan who was earnestly supporting him and had reached out to her to start the affair. He also confessed that during their relationship, he had struck her during an argument.

Furuya further admitted that he had caused the woman to have an abortion. He apologized to the woman for the mental and physical harm he caused and to his fans for disappointing them, betraying their trust, and tarnishing the characters he voiced. He concluded by saying he intends to spend the rest of his life atoning for his mistakes and is ready to accept any punishment.

Toru Furuya is best known as the protagonist Amuro Ray in the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam series, he has reprised numerous times throughout the franchise including in its sequel series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, and the films Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack, Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island. He also portrayed the antagonist Ribbons Almark in the 2007 Mobile Suit Gundam 00 series.

Furuya’s other notable roles include as Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon, Yamcha in Dragon Ball, and Tōru Amuro/Rei Furuya in Detective Conan, Sabo in One Piece, Pegasus Seiya in Saint Seiya, and Kyosuke Kasuga in Kimagure Orange Road

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