Kyōkai Senkai’s Kenbu Model Kit Releases This October

Bandai Namco’s hobby business subsidiary, Bandai Spirits has released product information for the 1/72 Kenbu for their High Grade line of model kits. Kenbu appears as the main mecha for Bandai Spirits’s and Sunrise BEYOND’s upcoming fall TV anime project , Kyōkai Senki (Boundary War Machine).

Kenbu is a close-combat MAILES (AMAIM equipped with I-LeS), built from scrap parts and piloted by Amou and the AI Gai. The combination of Amou and Gai gives this MAILES the performance and mobility that overwhelms other AMAIMs.


  • 60mm portable machine gun × 1
  • Straight sword × 1
  • Dagger with shield × 1
  • Weapon rack × 1
  • Flat hand (left and right), weapon hand (left and right), gun hand (right)
  • Set of parts for reproduction of the unfinished state
  • Foil seal × 1

The 1/72 Kenbu is priced at 2,640 yen with an October 2021 release date.


Set in the year 2061, with Japan under a state of occupation by multiple states. The world, including Japan, has been consolidated under the rule of four trade blocs. The entire archipelago now the frontline of conflict. The Japanese people live under a state of constant occupation and oppression, with humanoid war machines called AMAIM patrolling its streets.


Amou Shiiba: An introverted 16-year-old with a hobby of collecting parts, but his world changes when he meets the autonomous AI “Gai”. Amou pilots the AMAIM “Kenbu”. 

Gashin Tezuka: A 16-year-old member of a Japanese resistance organization, he is a blunt and reticent person. Gashin is in pursuit of the mysterious AMAIM “Ghost,” to avenge his father’s death.


Fafner’s Nobuyoshi Habara is directing the anime at Sunrise BEYOND, with Gundam Build Divers’s Noboru Kimura on script supervision. Kenichi Ohnuki of Gundam Build Fighters fame is designing the characters and Rasmus Faber is composing the music.

Industrial designer Ken Okuyama and his Ken Okuyama Design company are supervising mechanical design, while the company’s designer Yūya Koyanagi is credited for mechanical design alongside Gundam mainstays Kanetake Ebikawa, Kenji Teraoka, and Ippei Gyōbu.

Source: Bandai Spirits

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