Gundam Build Divers “THE BEST” Album Releasing this December

Announced last September, both Gundam Build Divers and Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE series will be receiving an album featuring all nine of their opening and ending theme songs. Titled “THE BEST”, the CD jacket is illustrated by prolific mechanical designer Kanetake Ebikawa and will release December 23.

CD Jacket Illustration

Song List

  1. “Diver’s High” by SKY-Hi
  2. “Ashita e” by Iris
  3. “Infinity” by SWANKY DANK
  4. “Start Dash” by Spira Spica
  5. “Rerise” by Spira Spica
  6. “Magic Time” by SudannaYuzuYully
  8. “Twinkle” by Spira Spica
  9. “Heartful” by Spira Spica

Directed by Shinya Watada and scripted by Noboru Kimura, Gundam Build Divers began in April 2018 as the next project in Sunrise’s and Bandai Hobby Division’s Gundam Build series, a Gundam spin-off with a direct emphasis on model kit building in lieu of the sociopolitical intrigue and war drama accustomed to the Gundam metaseries. The series followed newcomer Riku Mikami and his friends Yukio and Momoka joining the VRMMO GBN(Gunpla Battle Nexus Online) and their adventures exploring the virtual world.

The 2019 Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE serves as the sequel to Gundam Build Divers, following a following a new group of GBN players(or divers) haphazardly forming a party and taking up the mantle of “BUILD DiVERS” to participate in what’s assumed as another “story mission” game event on the distant planet of “Eldora”, inhabited by a race of dog-like humanoids. The team consists of Hiroto, the over confident Kazami, the meek newcomer Parviz, and the stoic EL(Electronic-Lifeform) Diver May. The series takes a shocking turn of events as the true nature of the story mission is unveiled. Watada remained as director but Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway’s Yasuyuki Muto joined the sequel for scripts.

Both Build Divers series are currently streaming on the Gundam Info YouTube channel.

Similar to Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue, a five episode ONA series featuring fan-voted dream battles” with various characters and Gunpla, Gundam Build Divers: Battlogue will debut November 13. The anime is helmed by famed mecha animation director and designer Masami Obari, with Yasuyuki Muto, Kazuhiro Hara, and Shuri Toida from Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE returning to their roles of scripting and character designs respectively. Shinya Kusumegi also returns as chief mecha animator. Lastly, Studio Naya is drawing the backgrounds and Hideakira Kimura is composing the music.

Source: Official website, Anime News Network

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