Hathaway’s Flash GGG Gigi Andalucia Figure Releasing in 2022

Figure company MegaHouse has released product information for Gigi Andalucia that is joining their high end Gundam figure line, Gundam Girls Generation(GGG). The figure was initially announced March 2021 at Mega Hobby’s “Special Week 2021 Winter” expo.

The 1/8th scale pre-colored figure has been sculpted with an elegant white and striking outfit.
By using clear parts for some parts of the ensemble, the transparent effect from the chest to the back of the dress and the cape are produced.
The figure has been sculpted with great attention to detail, and just like in the Hathaway’s Flash anime film, her proportions are stylish and attractive. The figure will stand appropriately 210mm and will include a pedestal.

The GGG (Gundam Girls Generation) Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway’s Flash Gigi Andalucia is priced at 15,180 yen with a March 2022 release date. Pre-orders for the figure will begin August 5, 2021 and end early October 2021.

Gigi Andalucia stars as the female protagonist of the Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway’s Flash film trilogy, portrayed by Reina Ueda. Disillusioned by jaded adult society, she is characterized as alluring, mysterious and highly perceptive, with a large financial backing. 

First in a trilogy of anime films helmed by Shukou Murase, Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway’s Flash or Hathaway is the official sequel to the 1988 Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack movie. The project was announced in November 2018 to celebrate the Gundam 40th anniversary, adapting the Yoshiyuki Tomino-penned novel series of the same name. The novels were originally released from 1989 to 1990, as a follow-up to Tomino’s Char’s Counterattack: Beltorchika’s Children novel, published by Kadokawa’s Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko imprint.

Opening to Japanese theaters June 11 the Hathaway film has earned record box office sales with 2,017,561,400 yen in revenue and 993,196 tickets sold. The film is nearing the 1982 Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space as the highest earning film in the Gundam franchise, sitting at 2.3 billion yen in box office revenue.

In the film’s first week, 53,674 Blu-ray copies were sold at 215 theaters, including 34,222 copies for the limited edition and 19,452 copies for the regular edition. In twenty-four days, the Blu-ray has sold 90,683 copies, with 52,989 units for the limited edition and 37,694 for the regular edition in theaters alone.

While the film is screening in Japan, streaming giant Netflix is exclusively releasing the Hathaway film internationally. The film is dubbed with eight language options and thirty subtitled language options, available to 190 countries worldwide. 

Source: MegaHouse

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