Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Album Joins Coronavirus Delays

Anime studio and production company Sunrise has announced the Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Album -BEYOND- will be delayed due to new emergency coronavirus(COVID-19) concerns. The studio stated a new release date would be made public soon. This delay follows shortly after Bandai Namco Arts announced the indefinite delay of the home video releases of Gundam Reconguista in G II: Bellri’s Fierce Charge and Mobile Suit Gundam the Movie Trilogy cinema concert. The album was initially set to release April 29, 2020. 

The album will include the opening and ending theme songs of Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN: Advent of the Red Comet, tracks from the Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN OVA series, the Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project theme song “THE BEYOND”,and Gundam series cover songs by various artists.

LUNA SEA band leader SUGIZO supervises the album and features LUNA SEA, GLIM SPANKY, KOM_I, miwa, Aina the End, ACE OF SPADES, Hiroyuki Sawano feat. mizuki, BiSH, and OAU as performing artists.

The album will be released in three versions: Limited Editon[2CD + BD] THE ORIGIN Special Edition priced at 6,500 yen, Limited Edition[CD + BD] for 5,000 yen and Regular Edition[CD] priced at 3,000 yen. THE ORIGIN Special Edition will include a CD jacket illustrated by director Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. All versions include a CD and lyric booklet.

Contents & Song List:

  • CD1:
  • Uchuu no Uta ~Higher and Higher~ by LUNA SEA
  • Encounter by SUGIZO feat. GLIM SPANKY
  • Hisoubi by LUNA SEA
  • Mizu no Hoshi e AI wo Komete by SUGIZO feat. KOM_I
  • Beyond the Time by LUNA SEA
  • A Red Ray by SUGIZO feat. miwa
  • Hikari no Hate by SUGIZO feat. Aina the End
  • Ai Senshi by ACE OF SPADES
  • EGO<SOD> by Hiroyuki Sawano feat. mizuki & SUGIZO
  • Ash Like Snow by BiSH
  • Human Touch by OAU
  • Beginning by SUGIZO


  • Hoshikuzu no Sunadokei by Takayuki Hattori feat. Yu-yu
  • By Your Side by Kaori Sawada
  • Kaze yo 0074 by Takayuki Hattori feat. Takumi Ishida
  • Eien no Astraea by Ko Shibasaki
  • Sora no Kanata de by Hiroko Moriguchi
  • Don’t Say Goodbye by Kaori Sawada
  • I Can’t Do Anything by Takayuki Hattori feat. AYA
  • Hasen no Namida by Masayoshi Yamazaki


  • Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Advent of the Red Coment OP and ED video collection

  • Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Advent of the Red Coment OP/ED video commentary
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project PV

  • Wall-G Gundam 40th Anniversary Special Video

Source: Sunrise

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