RightStuf to Release Turn A Gundam Blu-ray Movie Collection this May

Initially announced at their Anime Expo panel in 2015, anime publisher and distributor RightStuf will be releasing a Blu-ray collection for the Turn A Gundam films.

The Turn A Gundam series aired from 1999 to 2000, directed by Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino with character designs by Street Fighter designer Akira Yasuda and music by Yoko Kanno. The series celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Gundam franchise and marked the return of the director following his departure from the series after Mobile Suit Victory Gundam in 1994.

Turn A is unique for being the first Gundam anime series to feature mechanical designs by a foreign designer. Visual futurist Syd Mead, of Blade Runner, Aliens and Tron fame, provided the principal designs for the series iconic mobile suits such as System-99 Gundam, Concept-X 6-1-2 Turn X, JMA0530 Wodom, MRC-F20 SUMO, and G-M1F Bandit.

The series would receive two compilation films covering the fifty episode series, titled Turn A Gundam I: Earth Light and Turn A Gundam II: Moonlight Butterfly, which released February 2002.


For 2000 years, a separate race of humanity has lived on the moon. Known as “the Moonrace,” their technology is leaps and bounds beyond those that stayed behind on the Earth’s surface. Now seeking to return to their original home, the Moonrace send three teenagers, Loran, Keith, and Fran, down to Earth on a reconnaissance mission to test the viability of its environment.

After spending a year on Earth, Loran has become good friends with Sochie and Kihel, daughters of the prestigious Heim family, and he looks forward to fully integrating into Earth society. But before Loran gets the chance to make his report, the Moonrace launch a surprise attack. Earth’s primitive airplanes are no match for the superior power of the Moonrace’s mobile suits. However, in the midst of the initial attack, Loran and Sochie uncover a long-forgotten relic: a white mobile suit. As a Moonrace, Loran is quickly able to grasp the basics of piloting it, but by doing so, he inadvertently places himself in the middle of a war.

RightStuf will be releasing the movies May 10, 2022, priced at 32.49 USD. The films are currently available for pre-order. The TV series is still available for purchase from the retailer in two Blu-ray collections.

In 2014, Gundam anime studio Sunrise announced at its New York Comic Con panel that it would be partnering with RightStuf to release the Gundam franchise in North America.

Source: RightStuf

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