Gundam Wing HD Remaster Streaming for Free with new Comic Adaptation

Gundam Info, the official Gundam YouTube channel for international audiences, is now streaming the entire HD remaster of New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, along with the announcement of a new line of comics to promote Tamashii Nations’s Gundam Universe figure line. The series is streaming with Japanese audio and multiple subtitle options.

The first issue of their new Gundam Wing comic is available on the Tamashii Nations website and briskly adapts episodes 1-5 of the series. Along with the credits of the original anime staff, the comic is supervised by Gundam producer Naohiro Ogata, writing and lettering by David Clarke, art by Mark Simmons, color by Arthur Hesli, and edited by Sedric Harris.

The 1995 New Mobile Report Gundam Wing or Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is the second major Gundam entry not set within the franchise’s long running Universal Century timeline and in 2000 became first overall to broadcast in the United States. Set in After Colony(AC) 195, growing tired of the oppressive ways of the United Earth Sphere Alliance and Order of the Zodiac(OZ), underground forces of the space colonies send five young pilots with advanced mobile suits to Earth in an effort to free the colonies from their grip.

Bandai premium figure brand Tamashii Nations announced the fourth wave of the Gundam Universe figure line. The new line of Gundam figures was launched early 2019 to bring affordable, quality six-inch figures to global consumers. The line’s main features are its “Kinetic Styling”, “Durable Construction”, and “Sharp Form”. The new wave of figures, consisting of Gundam Heavy Arms, Freedom Gundam, and Gundam Exia, will be released this September for 3,300 yen each.

Source: Gundam Info

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