Cucuruz Doan’s Island, Wing, and Iron-Blooded Orphans S2 Now Streaming for Free on Gundam Info

Gundam Info, the official international Gundam YouTube channel, is now streaming three Gundam titles for their August lineup: Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, and the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Key Visual, Sunrise

Cucuruz Doan’s Island streams with Japanese audio with nine subtitle options. The film will be available from August 4 to August 17.

Announced during the 2nd Gundam Conference on September 2021, Cucuruz Doan’s Island is a recent anime film directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, the esteemed character designer and chief animation director of the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam series, as well as chief director of the 2015-2018 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin series. The film is a remake and new perspective on the fifteenth episode of the same name from the original series. Under Yasuhiko’s direction, the film is scripted by Toshizo Nemoto, character designs by Yasuhiko, Atsushi Tamura, and Tsukasa Kotobuki, with mechanical design by the legendary Kunio Okawara, Hajime Katoki, and Kimitoshi Yamane. The film is scored by Takayuki Hattori, with Gundam songstress Hiroko Moriguchi performing its theme song “Ubugoe”. Since its release on June 3, 2022, the film has grossed 1.08 billion yen with 550,000 attendees.


The Earth Federation Forces, riding on the momentum of their successful defense of Jaburo, have launched a major counteroffensive operation to capture Odessa, the headquarters of Zeon’s Earth Invasion Force. The White Base, with Amuro aboard, is headed to Belfast for a final resupply before to the operation. On the way, the White Base is assigned a special mission to mop up enemy remnants on an uninhabited island, known as the “Island of No Return.” Amuro and his comrades set out to search for remnant operatives, but all they find are children who shouldn’t be there, and a single Zaku. After losing the Gundam in battle, Amuro encounters a man who calls himself Cucuruz Doan. Will Amuro be able to uncover the island’s secrets, find his lost Gundam, and escape in one piece?

Key Visual, Sunrise

All forty-nine episodes of the TV series are streaming with Japanese audio and English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese(Taiwan, Hong Kong, Simplified) subtitle options.

The Gundam Wing series was directed by Masashi Ikeda then Shinji Takamatsu, and was scripted by Katsuyuki Sumizawa. The series broadcasted from 1995 to 1996 and featured character designs by Ergo Proxy and Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash director Shukou Murase, with a mechanical design team consisting of Kunio Okawara, Hajime Katoki, and Junya Ishigaki.


Mankind has moved into space. Thousands of people live on giant orbiting space colonies called “Sides.” However, the Earth Government, which rules the colonies, is unjust and cruel. A group of revolutionaries build five robotic weapons called Gundams and plan to send them to Earth to begin their fight for independence. Piloted by five young men, these Gundams carry the colonists’ hopes and dreams of freedom with them as they descend to Earth to begin Operation Meteor!

Season 2 Key Visual, Sunrise

Iron-Blooded Orphans’ twenty-five episode second season streams with both English audio and Japanese audio with fifteen subtitle options. Gundam Info began streaming the first season in July.

Directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai and scripted by Mari Okada, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans began airing October 2015. Michinori Chiba and Yu Ito designed the characters for the series, with a mechanical design team consisting of Naohiro Washio, Ippei Gyōbu, Kanetake Ebikawa, Kenji Teraoka, and Tamotsu Shinohara. Masaru Yokoyama provided the music composition for the series.


Set in the Post Disaster era, the series follows a group of child soldiers—Mikazuki Augus, Orga Itsuka, and several others as they are hired to protect a young aristocrat seeking to liberate the Martian colony from Earth’s rule. When the tyrannical Earth peacekeeping force Gjallarhorn threatens those involved, Mikazuki must head into battle using a Calamity War-era relic—the Gundam Barbatos.

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