Bandai-Namco Aims to Usher in Real Universal Century with Gundam Sustainability and Innovation Project

At the “1st Gundam Conference”, held June 15, the Bandai Namco Group launched GUNDAM UNIVERSAL CENTURY DEVELOPMENT ACTION (GUDA), a cross-group sustainability project using the Gundam IP to solicit new ideas and technologies to deal with various social issues such as overpopulation and the global environment.

Universal Century

Over four decades ago, ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ sounded the horn about population growth and deterioration of the planet environment.
This was symbolized by the concept of a new era
called the ‘Universal Century’, which began with
the start of human immigration to space.

We confront the vast universe including the earth
as a species, not as an individual. This is one of
the underlying themes of the Gundam series. In line
with this theme, BANDAI NAMCO Group will
carry out GUDA toward the ‘(Real) Universal


GUDA includes the Gunpla Recycling Project and Gundam Open Innovation.

The initiative is aimed at collecting the runners (frames of plastic models) of “Gunpla” (Gundam series plastic models) so that they may undergo cutting-edge chemical recycling and ultimately be reborn as new plastic models.

Gundam Open Innovation aims at the manifestation of future dreams and hopes by combining “ Universal Century” with the social issues and future technologies behind it.

Gundam Open Innovation is a program that makes future dreams and hopes a reality. Reconsidering the ‘Universal Century’ once again, multiplying Gundam and ‘future technology’ we solve the ‘social issues’ in this real world and make it better.

The grand world of Gundam is packed full of new technologies and possibilities not yet attainable in the present.
In order to transform these possibilities into realities and advance toward an exhilarating future, we would like to combine the creativity, knowledge, and passion of many people.
By working hand-in-hand with Gundam to make the future concepts you conceive real, let’s create a world bursting with hopes and dreams.

Bandai-Namco Group

The project seeks innovative ideas and technologies, related to sustainable themes that could help future society deal with the same problems depicted in Gundam, such as overpopulation, environmental destruction, and space colonization. The initiative is searching for partners who are experts, innovators, research organizations, pioneering companies, etc. with a vision on innovation of the human race originating from Universal Century or a future society desired by humans, and who also possess expertise in a variety of fields which allows them to advance steadily toward such goals.

Source: Bandai-Namco

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