Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, Narrative, and New Productions to Stream on Gundam Info

To celebrate the renewal of Sunrise’s official Gundam portal website, Gundam Info has announced they will be streaming the two Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt compilation films and Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, as well as new productions. The three films will be available in English voice dubbing or Japanese audio with English, French, Korean, and Chinese(Simplified, Hong Kong, and Taiwan) subtitles.

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky and Bandit Flower will be streaming from March 6 12:00 to March 31, 2020 12:00 JST, while Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative will begin streaming March 13 12:00 to March 16, 2020 JST. Free wallpapers for smartphones and PC are also available for download for the duration of the campaign.

Released in June 2016, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky compiles the first season of the 2015 Thunderbolt ONA series.

Official Synopsis:
It is Universal Century 0079, at the end of the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. The space colonies of Side 4, or Moore, were previously destroyed by a Zeon attack, and many colonists lost their lives. Side 4 became a shoal zone filled with the wreckage of destroyed colonies and warships, lit by constant flashes of lightning due to collisions between electrified debris. It soon came to be known as the “Thunderbolt Sector.”
The Moore Brotherhood, an Earth Federation Forces unit made up of surviving citizens from Moore, set out to exterminate the Zeon forces in the Thunderbolt Sector in order to reclaim their homeland. To halt the Federation advance, the Zeon forces deployed their own Living Dead Division, which was established to collect combat data on soldiers with prosthetic limbs. Io Fleming, though part of the Moore Brotherhood, hates being tied down by his homeland and family history. Daryl Lorenz, having lost his legs in earlier battles, is now an ace sniper of the Living Dead Division. When they confront each other on the battlefield, they will reach a mutual realization. These two are destined to kill each other.

Released in November 2017, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower compiles the 2016 second season of the Thunderbolt ONA series.

Official Synopsis:
Earth, seven months after the end of the One Year War. The remnant forces of the Principality of Zeon, whose homeland has become a republic, continue fighting to restore the old regime.
Daryl, the pilot of the amazing Psycho Zaku that annihilated the Moore Brotherhood’s fleet in the Thunderbolt Sector at the end of the war, descended to Earth after losing his mobile suit. He has been given the secret mission of seeking out a faction within the Federation called the South Seas Alliance.
Meanwhile Io, who fought a fierce duel with Daryl, has been selected as pilot of the prototype mobile suit Atlas Gundam and sent to Earth. His new battleground will be the continent of Australia, which still bears the scars of the colony drop, and the South Seas which surround it…


Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt began serialization in 2012 published by Shogakukan in their seinen Big Comic Superior publication. The manga is written and illustrated by Yasuo Ohtagaki. The series would receive an ONA adaptation in 2015 produced by Sunrise, directed and written by Kō Matsuo, with character designs from Hirotoshi Takaya and mechanical designs from Morifumi Naka, Seiichi Nakatani and Hajime Katoki. The anime adaptation would become a standout entry in the Gundam franchise for its gripping anti-war narrative and profound Jazz soundtrack scored by Naruyoshi Kikuchi.

Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative released in November 2018 as the first entry in Sunrise’s UC NexT 0100 project to develop the next 100 years of the Universal Century Gundam timeline. Based on the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn novel Phoenix Hunting, the film serves as a sequel to the Unicorn OVA and TV series. The film is directed by Toshikazu Yoshizawa and scripted by Harutoshi Fukui, with character designs by Sejoon Kim, and mechanical designs by Hajime Katoki and Eiji Komatsu.

Official Synopsis:
U.C. 0097, one year after the opening of “Laplace’s Box.” Despite the revelation of the Universal Century Charter that acknowledges the existence and rights of Newtypes, the framework of the world has not been greatly altered. The conflict later dubbed the “Laplace Incident” is thought to have ended with the downfall of the Neo Zeon remnants known as the Sleeves. In its final battle, two full psycho-frame mobile suits displayed power beyond human understanding. The white unicorn and the black lion were sealed away to remove this danger from people’s consciousness, and they should now be completely forgotten. However, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03, which disappeared two years earlier, is now about to show itself in the Earth Sphere once more. A golden phoenix… named Phenex

Source: Gundam Info

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