Mamoru Nagano’s Gundam

Mamoru Nagano is an artist who worked with Yoshiyuki Tomino in multiple projects including, Zeta Gundam, Gundam ZZ , Brain Powered, and Heavy Metal L-Gaim.

Here is a collection of his illustrations rejected and used in the Gundam Franchise.

Novel Covers (1985.4)

These rare novels can still be bought on Japanese auction sites.


The Qubeley and Hambrabi designs remain almost the same as Nagano originally designed them. However, Hyaku Shiki, Galbaldy, & Rick Dias were modified again to fit the Tomino’s wishes.

Nagano also designed concepts for Gundam ZZ. The Hamma Hamma had an entire different design than the one used in the series. The Qubeley Mass Production Type didn’t exist as well, however Nagano later released illustrations of the Hachicca used in early concept drafts for the mass produced Qubeley.

Characters Concept

Emma Sheen
Patimus Scirocco

Haman KarnLalah Sune


Patimus Scirocco & Char Aznable


Four Murasame and Kamille Bidan



Space Colony

Mamoru Nagano is most famous for his manga series, Five Star Stories. Much of the inspiration for FSS came first from working direct under Yoshiyuki Tomino with the series L-Gaim.

Below are some comparisons between both bodies of work.

Five Star Stories Vs LGaim

The ultimate symbol for the Ruler of the Universe is the golden mecha.
This is the case for both Five Star Stories and L-Gaim.

In LGaim, The Original Auge was linked with the soul of it’s pilots, as well as shared between the couple Mian Attsher and Olnda Poseidal (Amandara Kamandara).

In FSS, The Knight of Gold was made as a symbol of the union between Lachesis and Emperor Amaterasu (Ladio Sopp). Also because Lachesis was a fatima, she co-pilot the machine with her husband.

Originally Amaterasu was suppose to be Possaydal .
This concept illustration below shows that. However, with bad relations between the company Sunrise and Nagano, the name of characters was change.
Five Star Stories became a independent story both written and illustrated by Mamoru Nagano.

“The Great Possaydal” with “Atropos” Come to “Tanra”, where Waller VI and Quewasan. Stay in there living room.”

Atropos is a fatima name still used in FSS, but both Quewasan and Possaydal are LGaim characters.

Another scene at the end of LGaim, Mian mentioned the room of Lachesis. The name of Amaterasu‘s wife in FSS.

The royal gown for Emperor Amaterasu and Olnda Possaydal also remained the same.

Mian digusised as Olnda Possaydal in LGaim

Emperor Amaterasu with Lachesis in FSS

Brain Powered

Brain Powered was the last project of Mamoru Nagano and Yoshiyuki Tomino.
Nagano’s contributed to the series’s mecha design.

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