Meer Campbell’s Sexy ‘ Negligee’ Figure Announced by MegaHouse

MegaHouse has announced the release of Meer Campbell Negligee Ver. to their G.E.M. figure line from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny series.

Meer in her negligee nightwear from episode 21 “Wandering Eyes”

Meer Campbell is one of the major characters from the 2004 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny series. Meer is introduced as a doppelgänger of Lacus Clyne, established by PLANT chairman Gilbert Durandal to use Lacus’ influence as an idol for his own agenda.


This figure depicts Meer in her sexy nightwear from episode 21 “Wandering Eyes” of the SEED Destiny series. MegaHouse has only provided one painted sample image of the figure, no pricing or release window have been included as of yet.

Key Visual

Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda and scripted by Chiaki Morosawa, SEED Destiny is the sequel to the popular 2002 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED series. Hisashi Hirai returned as character designer, along with mechanical designs by Kunio Okawara and Kimitoshi Yamane, chief mecha animation direction by Satoshi Shigeta, and music by Toshihiko Sahashi. 


The year is Cosmic Era 73. The Bloody Valentine War, fought between the PLANTS space colonies and the nations of the Atlantic Federation, has ended and an uneasy truce has settled upon the Earth sphere. With the signing of the Junius Seven Treaty, the world’s soldiers have left the battlefield and the grizzly sights of war behind. Many who fought now seek peace and refuge in the shelter of civilian life.

But one boy, Shinn Asuka, is finding that incredibly hard. A coordinator who lost his entire family during the Battle of Orb, he now fights with ZAFT in one of their newest machines, the Impulse Gundam. Of course, ZAFT is only developing these machines for defensive applications – or so they claim – but when a group of Federation operatives steal some of these prototype machines, the world is once again plunged towards war.

Source: MegaHouse

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