Iron-Blooded Orphans: Side Stories Reveals Gundam Vidar Prototype “XK”

Cospa Announces Mafty and Principality of Zeon Flight Jackets

Gundam the Witch from Mercury Pushes Cour 1 Finale to January due to Scheduling Conflicts

Bandai Announces High Grade Psycho Doga Model Kit

The Witch From Mercury Releases Music Video of Score by Composer Takashi Ohmama

Gundam Battle Operation 2 Wins PlayStation Partner Award 3 Years in a Row

Gundam Park Fukuoka Announces Campaign with The Witch from Mercury

B-STYLE Meer Campbell Bunny Girl Figure Releasing in September

Gundam the Witch from Mercury: Is Prospera’s Endgame a War?

Haruka Shiraishi Takes Over Gundam Role as Nika Nanaura Amid Yume Miyamoto’s Health Concerns

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Revealed Chronicle ‘Episode GN Arms’ Released

Winter Lighting Event Announced for RX-93ff Nu Gundam Statue

YOASOBI Performs The Witch from Mercury Opening at Moving Gundam Statue

GGG Figures for Lunamaria Hawke, Suletta Mercury and Miorine Rembran Announced by MegaHouse

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash Manga Adaptation Volume 3 Released


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