Ethics & Standards Policy

Ethics & Professional Standards Guidelines


Gundam News maintains a high standard of ethics and professionalism when reporting on the Gundam franchise and related topics. We have pledged to exclusively cover topics from authoritative sources within the anime medium and officially released information from Gundam rights holders such as Bandai Namco Holdings and their subsidiaries Bandai Namco Filmworks, Bandai Namco Entertainment, and Bandai Spirits, as well as affiliate parties and merchants. Gundam News is an independent news website, Gundam is owned and operated by Bandai Namco Holdings.

Fact-Checking & Accuracy

Gundam News only reports on officially released information provided by aforementioned Gundam rights holders and staff or cast members from the Gundam series. We do not report on hearsay or unconfirmed information, i.e, leaked information. Before any article is published, we perform a thorough quality assurance process to ensure the utmost accuracy and consistent tone in our writings; designated sources will always be provided. If there is any misreporting or false information published, we are very prompt in addressing discrepancies and making corrections where necessary.

Translation Discrepancy

As a primarily English-language website reporting on a Japanese media franchise, Gundam News does not guarantee the accuracy of all translated Japanese text. While we strive for accurate translations of Japanese material, we are not liable for errors, omissions or any discrepancies due to the nuances of translating a foreign language or any officially translated terminology provided by Gundam rights holders thereafter.