Among the many collaborations the Gundam franchise is making for the 40th Anniversary, official Gundam apparel shop STRICT-G will be teaming up with Japanese fashion pioneer VAN JACKET for a new line of products releasing April 27th. The line’s tag line is “For the young and the Gundam-at-Heart” and includes a tropical blazer, oxford button down shirt, crest tie, chino pants, t-shirts, and baseball caps.

VAN JACKET  sparked the  “Ivy boom” style of  American upper class in Japan when the nation was developing in fashion. The legendary brand laid the foundation of Japan’s fashion culture.

STRICT-G × VAN “Mobile Suit Gundam” Tropical blazer
Price: 63,720 yen
Size: M/L/LL
Color: Navy

 STRICT-G × VAN “Mobile Suit Gundam” OX BD shirt
Price: 12,960 yen
Size: M/L/LL
Color: White/Blue

STRICT-G × VAN “Mobile Suit Gundam” Crest tie
Price: 10,584 yen
Color: Navy/Wine

STRICT-G × VAN “Mobile Suit Gundam” Chino
Price: 17,280 yen
Size: 78・82・85・88・91cm
Color: Beige/Navy


STRICT-G × VAN “Mobile Suit Gundam” T-shirt
Price: 7,344 yen
Size: M/L/LL
Color: White/Red/Navy

STRICT-G × VAN “Mobile Suit Gundam” Baseball cap
Price:  8,424
Color: Navy

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