It has been announced that the Universal Century Saga’s latest work, Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, will have a theatrical release in mainland China, a first for the Gundam series. Screening begins on July 12. 

The film’s release was launched for fans in China thanks to a new partnership between China Film Group and Bandai Namco.  “With our concerted efforts, our cooperation can be enhanced and expanded into film investments and production and distribution, as well as other fields. I hope Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative will be a box office success in China,” said Zhou Baolin, the vice president of China Film Group.

The film’s key staff members: producer Naohiro Ogata, writer Harutoshi Fukui, director Shunichi Yoshizawa, and Rita Bernal actress Ayu Matsuura were also in attendance of the launch event.

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