Bandai Spirits has announced the Premium Bandai release of the LM111E02 Gun EZ Ground Type for the Reborn-One Hundred model kit series.


The LM111E02 Gun EZ Ground Type appears in  Mobile Suit Victory Gundam New Mobile Suit Variations and is a land use modification of the standard LM111E02 Gun EZ. The Ground Type has been modified to protect against sand and dust. Changes include modifications to the heat radiation grill and the addition of nozzles to the intake and thrusters. 

The RE/100 Gun EZ Ground Type is remolded from the RE/100 Gun EZ featuring added details to the head, legs, torso, and shoulders.  The head features a remolded forehead, embossed vulcan guns, and added antenna. Additional armor is attached to the dual multi-launcher equipped on the upper chest part. The opening and closing hatch is molded in red color with added details. A distinct front duct is also added on each side of the shoulder. The model kit will include a Beam Rifle, Beam Saber, Beam Bazooka, and Beam Shield,  as weapon accessories and new water transfer decals.

The RE/100 Gun EZ Ground Type is priced at 3,780  yen with a June 2019 release date.

Source: Premium Bandai

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