The 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show has included many treats for the Gundam hobby community to look forward to, of which is the original Gundam designer, Kunio Okawara’s newly designed sketches of the F90E Gundam F90 Electronic Type for the “F90 A to Z Project”.


The “F90 A to Z Project” is  a new series of Master Grade 1/100 model kits for F90 Gundam F90 to celebrate Premium Bandai’s 10th Anniversary. The project will consist of the Gundam F90 mobile suit and all twenty-six of its Mission Packs. The first releases will be the Gundam F90 and Mission Packs E Type & S Type. Kunio Okawara redesigned the E Type for this project.

Gundam Ace also announced a new Gundam F90 manga to coincide with the F90 A to Z Project titled, Mobile Suit Gundam F90 Fastest Formula or F90FF.The manga’s scenario is by Nobuyoshi Ino, with artwork by Kiyoshi Imanoya from the Gundam Build Fighters Ace and Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready series. Sejoon Kim will handle character designs and  mechanical designs by Yasuhiro Moriki. The manga will begin serialization in the August Issue of Gundam Ace releasing June 26.


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