Bandai Spirits has announced the release of the Silver Bullet Suppressor for the High Grade Universal Century model kit series.

The Silver Bullet Suppressor is a custom variant of the ARX-014 Silver Bullet that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative film piloted by Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn protagonist, Banagher Links. The Silver Bullet Suppressor is customized for the main aim of using the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam’s Beam Magnum.

The HGUC Sillver Bullet Suppressor features a new head more akin to a Gundam type mobile suit and an element of replacing the damaged right arm after firing the Beam Magnum. The right arm parts stored in the backpack can be replaced using the lumbar crane. The model kit will include a Beam Magnum weapon accessory and four replacement right arms.

The model kit is priced at 2,916 yen with a June 2019 release date.


Source: Bandai Hobby

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