Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ was bright not only in tone but also in terms of color and fashion. 

The 1986 series Mobile Suit Gundam ΖΖ was considerably brighter compared to its brooding predecessor Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. This brightness is also reflected in the design and costumes of the characters, they were booming with “80’s culture”, perhaps their designs were inspired by the popular TV channel MTV. The characters were designed by animator Hiroyuki Kitazume, who also served as character designer and animation director on several Gundam and Sunrise mecha anime works.

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Judau Ashta’s red jacket is similar to Michael Jackson’s jacket that he wore in the world famous Thriller music video.  Chara Soon’s two-tone color hairstyle is very reminiscent of  Cyndi Lauper. The influence of “80’s style” is also present in the “inverted triangle” character designs, with broad shoulders and a thinner lower body.

Whether the designs were influenced by 80s culture or other works, many of the characters in ZZ  have 4 or 5 costume designs each, which adds to the fun of watching the series.

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At the time, Japanese fashion was distinct with such trends as “karasu-zoku”, characterized by all black ensembles and the colorful kimono fashion of “takenoko-zoku”. The costumes and character designs of anime were becoming increasingly conscious of fashion. Sunrise’s 1984 anime Heavy Metal L-Gaim, the character designs were also very fashionable.

Source: Gundam Info

One thought on “Gundam ZZ Reflected the Fashion of the Time

  1. Don’t forget Illia Pazom, clearly inspired by Madonna. 🙂

    Kitazume’s eye for fashion was fantastic at this time. I really like some of his more original designs, like Roux Louka’s blue-and-white ensemble, and the yellow-and-green thing Puru wears in the desert. Flashy and sexy stuff that only badass anime characters can get away with wearing. Almost like fashion versions of superhero outfits. Wish anime had this kind of flair now!

    Bonus sexy Elle:

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