Sunrise has published the second opening and ending sequences for Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN: Advent of the Red Comet. The second opening theme song, Hisobi, is performed by LUNA SEA, while SUGIZO and KOM_I have covered Hiroko Moriguchi’s Zeta Gundam opening bop, From the Aqueous Star with Love as the second ending theme.




The 13 episode series Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN: Advent of the Red Comet is currently broadcasting on NHK General in Japan, and simulcasting on Crunchyroll. It was recently announced the anime would also be broadcasting on Adult Swim’s Toonami block starting July 6th.


The tragic story of Char Aznable, the ace pilot known as the Red Comet, and his sister Sayla Mass unfolds against the backdrop of the events leading to the One Year War. The Zabi family’s rise to power, the birth of the Principality of Zeon, the early days of famous aces such as Ramba Ral and the Black Tri-Stars, the development of the revolutionary new weapon known as the mobile suit, and the road to war against the Earth Federation are all depicted onscreen for the first time

Source: Gundam Info

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