In association with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic planning committee, Japanese national space agency JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) is collaborating with the University of Tokyo to launch a mini-satellite with RX-78-2 Gundam and Char’s Zaku II models aboard, called the “G-Satellite”, to support the 2020 Games.


The G-Satellite was developed at the Nakasuka Laboratory by the University of Tokyo’s Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics School of Engineering. The small satellite will have dimensions of 10cm x 10cm x 30cm and will be released into space from the International Space Station from March to April 2020.

The Gundam models will be 1/144 scale made with special material and coatings to survive the harsh space environment. They will also be equipped with an electronic bulletin board to display messages on their feet and their eyes will glow the five colors of the Olympic Games, cameras will be installed to capture to event.

The launch of the G-Satellite marks the second part of the JAXA One Team Project’s Olympic support “Yell for Tokyo 2020 from Space!” project. The team’s first collaboration was with Chuya Koyama’s Space Brothers.

Source: Tokyo 2020

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