NHK General has announced the broadcast of a documentary telling the untold story of Gundam‘s creation. The documentary will be narrated by Seiichi Tanabe featuring the original staff and cast from the 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam series. 

Mobile Suit Gundam celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, the series changed the anime industry with realistic character depictions and world views, and is now a big hit beloved all over the world, but the production site at the time was by no means blessed. 
 The staff were lacking, related products were sluggish, the audience ratings were in a slump. At one time Tomino himself stood in such a difficult place as to how to draw the original story. In this program a number of testimonies from the timeless masterpiece will  emerge. 


Yoshiyuki Tomino- Director 
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko- Character design 
Kunio Okawara- Mechanical design
Ichiro Itano- Art staff
Junji Fujita- Music producer
Kenichi Matsuzaki- Screenwriter
Other staff


Shuichi Ikeda- Char Aznable 
Toru Furuya- Amuro Ray 
Keiko Han- Lalah Sune

The documentary will air on NHK General March 28 at 23:55 JST. 

Source: NHK 

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