After War Gundam X was released in 1996 depicting a post-apocalyptic setting within the “After War” timeline, following fifteen years after the 7th Space War between the United Nations Earth and Space Revolutionary Army destroying much of the Earth. The series follows protagonist Garrod Ran as he joins the crew of the Frieden in their mission to rescue Newtypes from being exploited in this chaotic time, while a new United Nations Earth government is being established, fanning the flames of war once more.

Mecha Design

The mechanical designs were a joint effort by Xenogears‘s Junya Ishigaki and the original Gundam mechanical designer Kunio Okawara.  Despite some mobile suits such as DT-6800A Daughtress and RMS-006 Jenice were  designed akin to the GM and Zaku, Ishigaki approached the mobile suit designs with the mindset of “a style that can’t be tied to First Gundam”. A similar approach he had adopted working on Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, thus designed mobile suits based on the needs of the users.


Gundam X

The main mobile suit was designed under the concept of "Gundam with a cannon", the origin of the idea was inspired by the long sword of Sasaki Kojiro. Tentatively named "Flash Gundam".
Gundam X Divider & Gundam Double X

Other mobile suits I

After deciding the designs of the lead mobile suits such as the Gundams, conceptualizing the mass production and guest mobile suits began.The initial drafts were designs based on First Gundam mobile suits: Zaku type, Gouf type, Dom type, Gelgoog type,and Guncannon type.

Other mobile suits II

A GM type was also included in the initial draft, that would become the basis for the Daughtress. The initial Gouf type became Jenice in later drafts. There is no direct successor for the initial Zaku type but the Juracg is close in design. The Dom and Gelgoog types evolved into the Septem and Octape.

Character Design

Nobuyoshi Nishimura served as character designer for the series. Nishimura worked in animation for several Gundam entries such as Mobile Suit Gundam F91, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, and Mobile Fighter G Gundam. He was also working as  animation director for the previous Gundam entry at the time, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing. Production began on Gundam X in tandem with Gundam Wing in late December 1995.

Garrod Ran

Source: After War Gundam X DVD Memorial Box Booklet Archives

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