Bandai Spirits announces its merger with Banpresto, dissolving the latter company. 

Bandai Spirits Co., Ltd.  published a public notice of merger with Banpresto Co., Ltd. in the Japanese Official Gazette dated February 22. Bandai Spirits inherits all rights and duties of Banpresto, with Banpresto being dissolved.


Banpresto is a toy company and game developer based in the planning, development and selling of premium items for amusement arcades, mainly on character merchandising. The company produced the crossover video game series Compati Hero, featuring Mobile Suit Gundam along with other mecha anime and tokusatsu characters, and its spin off, Super Robot Wars.

Bandai Spirits is a new company formed from the Bandai Namco Holdings reorganization of subsidiaries plan announced on February 9 2018. The sister company to Bandai went into operation April 1st 2018, inheriting the business for high-end adult targeted items such as Bandai figure brands like Tamashii Nations and plastic models.

Source: Otaku Industry, Bandai Namco Holdings Press Release

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